Unique High-End places for sale in Downtown Vancouver


#PH 2 1226 Hamilton St - This is a Penthouse in Yaletown (stylish trendy neighbourhood, more information click here).  This suite offers 140 sq.m (1510 square feet - properties are measured with the imperial system in Canada, 1 sq.m = 10.85 sq.ft.).  The interior is nice and there is some good patio space, but its not extra luxurious.  The suite is listed at $1,098,000.

V739757_A01_12#303 1180 Homer St  "McMasters" This is a more luxurious heritage conversion building in Yaletown.  The interior is much more modern and higher end.  It also has higher ceilings (2.9 meters).  The suite is 123 sq.m and listed at $1,098,000.  There is no balconies with these suites.  More building information can be found here:  http://www.albrighton.ca/1180-homer-st-mcmasters-building.html






V610255_301_14#401 4387 W 10th Ave "Roar One" This is a modernist style two level loft in Point Grey, towards UBC and near Kitsilano.  A quieter but nice area near the beach and high-end houses, about a 10-15 minute drive from central Downtown.   This suite has great use of space, light and glass.  Its 148 sq.m and listed at $1,399,000.  More building information can be found here: http://www.albrighton.ca/4387-w-10th-ave-roar-one.html









#607 1275 Hamilton St "Alda"  This is a large 162 sq.m penthouse in Yaletown.  The photos don't show it well, but its quite nice.  The design is good but not extra luxurious.  The ceilings are 3.5m.  It also has large private rooftop patio which is about 30 sq.m.  This suite could use some updates, but the amount of space is very rare for this neighbourhood.   Listed at $1,499,999.  More building information: http://www.albrighton.ca/1275-hamilton-st-alda.html

Jameson House Front Image#3001 838 W Hastings St "Jameson House" This is a newly built modern building the heart of the financial district Downtown.  It was designed by world wide famous architect firm, Foster and Partners from the UK.  There is a variety of high-end technology used through the suites and building.  The interiors are very modern and contemporary.  The design and details are beautiful and open concept.  This suite is 189 sq.m with beautiful ocean and mountain views.  Listed at $2,495,000.  Building information: http://www.albrighton.ca/838-w-hastings-st-jameson-house.html